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Static Frequency Converter

Static Frequency Converter



  • Internal transformer, Electric motor andcompression machine
  • Air conditioner, Air conditioning equipment
  • Copier machine scanner, OA devices, Alternative power supply
  • Personal computer, Display, Computerworkstation
  • Laboratory, Research center
  • Transportation system
  • Varies of factory equipments and industry application
  • Telecommunications satellite system (specially 400 Hz)
  • Air navigation, water-borne carrier and missile system (specially 400 Hz)
  • National defense, military research institutes (specially 400 Hz)



  1. Green environmental protection design.
  2. IED digital indicators. 
  3. Input frequency is 400Hz (selectable).
  4. Output frequency is 400Hz (selectable).
  5. Use IGBT as efficiency component, which is with small volume, little noise and high reliability.
  6. Low distortion rate, high stability, well noise filtering function.
  7. Intelligent adjustment function for the output voltage.
  8. Providing pure and stable sinusoidal-wave output power.
  9. With multiple terms of power isolating devices, which can help the product not be influenced by electricity network interference, voltage variation, and total harmonic distortion.
  10. With multiple quick-digital type of protecting and alarming devicesfor over-current, surge-voltage, over-temperature, output short circuit and so on.
  11. There are inside main contacts.
  12. With overload capability, which enables instant current to be 300% of the nominal current.
  13. Suit for varies of loads, such as dissipative load , inductive loadand capacitive load.