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Three-phase Dry Main Power Supply Transformer

Three-phase Dry Main Power Supply Transformer



  • Chin Tairy uses high-quality fireproof materials, in order to lead the trade electromechanical technology, to develop high-qualityand high-efficiency transformers, which can be applied in CNC digital control machine, precision machines and the control power source of common electric appliances, such as lighting,directing and isolating sources.
  • Having been awarded CE/CSA/CCC/ISO international quality certification, appreciated and specified by the industry.



1. Phase: Three phase

2. Nominal voltage: less then 600V for the first time, second times

3. Specifications: IEC762.EMC61000-6-4:2001 CAS:C22.2 NO.66-1988 U/L:506

4. Temperature limit: 60℃ (A Class), 80℃ (B Class), 120℃ (H Class)

5. Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

6. Efficiency, copper loss, voltage regulation and impedance voltagetake 75℃ as the standard.