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Ferro - Resonant Type

Ferro - Resonant Type



  •  With very good voltage stabilization, nearly 0% of error operationprobability. (Because there is no control circuit inside, only with two individual components comprising)
  •  Output overload or short circuit will automatically limit the current. (One-hour will not result in any damage to the product.)
  •  Output waveform will not be influenced by the input waveform. (When the input waveform is seriously terrible, it will only influence its efficiency to decrease a little, but the output waveform will still be sinusoidal wave.)
  •  Input and output are completely isolative. With good resistance to static electricity, ground lightning, noise and high voltage pulse (more than 60db).
  •  Input voltage can apply neither 110V nor 220V, and output voltage can simultaneously apply 110V and 220V.
  •  With good reactivity to SURGE: when the input voltage suddenly increases to 170V, the output voltage will remain 110V± 2.5%.
  •  With good reactivity to SAG: when the input voltage suddenly decreases to 65V and the load is less than 60%, the output voltage will remain 110V± 2.5%.

Applicable Range


Computer equipment, precision device, laboratory, routine work machine, hospital equipment, production line, Hi-Fi system, telecommunication and electric control system



1. Resonant and inductive type

2. The variation range of input voltage: ±20% of the set point voltage

3. Output stability: 1 ±1%

4. Output waveform: distortion rate 3%

5. Response time: within one and a half circles

6. Function of short circuit resistance

7. Effect of isolating mains supply. Which can get rid of noise

8. Efficiency: 85%