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On-machine Type Stabilizer

On-machine Type Stabilizer

Putting on the machine or electric control box to save space

The wiring is neat and beautiful and not afraid of flooding

Taiwan invention patent No. I583105

● All copper wire material

● Automatic inspection timely to prevent ahead

● Black oil lamp abnormal warning (Calling for repair before failure)

● Over temperature warning

● Exposed industrial-grade digital voltmeter

● Formal power bypass switch

● Voltage regulation range: +/-15%


Disadvantages of placing the stabilizer on the ground:

1. It takes space, the wiring is messy, unsightly and difficult to organize

2. The movement of the stabilizer may sometimes cause loosening of the wiring terminals or rupture of the terminal block, causing a risk of leakage

3. The cables on the ground are kicked or stepped on, and the electrical cables are easily damaged to cause electric leakage danger.

4. Easy to be attacked by dust, oil and gas, iron filings, and the stabilizer is easy to get dirty, causing higher failure rate

5. It will become water-soaking stabilizer when the plant is flooded, which increases maintenance costs



The difference between CTM's CPL series On-machine Type Stablzier

& other traditional type Stabilizer




CPL series On-machine Type Stablzier

※ Optional: communication & network card and antenna

You can use the mobile APP to remotely monitor and report

Other traditional carbon brush type Stabilizer

Biggest feature

Put it on the machine, the wiring is neat and beautiful

Put it on the ground, it takes up space and wiring is messy

Internal material

All coils use copper wire, along with guarantee sheet attached

Some manufacturers use aluminum wire or copper-clad aluminum (power consumption and short life)

The difference between CTM's CPL series On-machine Type Stablzier

& other traditional type Stabilizer

Voltage working range (220V)

220V±15% à 187V~253V, automatic voltage regulation to 220V

220V±10% à 198V~242V, automatic voltage regulation to 220V, there is no voltage regulation function below 198V and above 242V

Voltage display

Clear exposed industrial-grade digital voltmeter

Some are hidden inside, some use pointers

Main structure

The main structure is an inductive with no carbon brush, no contacts and no wear components, with lower failure rate and long using life

The main structure is carbon brush contact ring-type transformer surface sliding to adjust the voltage. It will wear out and must be replaced if necessary. The surface of the  ring-type transformer also needs to be polished and maintained, otherwise it will easily cause the stabilizer to burn out

Main control board

The digital circuit adopts embedded and editable single chip that has inductive calculation function, and can be equipped with optional expansion upgrades to transmit data to mobile phones, computers, mechanical PLC and cloud (abnormalities, faults, power consumption). Everything is interconnected and improve management efficiency (software update automatically)

The traditional logic circuit has no induction, calculation, expansion, and interconnect functions


Automatic inspection timely, buzzer warning for any abnormality.

Need personnel to inspect on site

Abnormal warning

(Such as automobile lubricants/ Black oil warning light function)

When the stabilizer is abnormal but still usable, warning by buzzer and the machine can still continue to work, there is no need to wait for the sudden failure and cause the machine to stop.

No such function

Over temperature warning

When the internal coil temperature exceeds 150°C, the sound and light buzzer will warn

No such function

Failure warning

The sound and light buzzer will warn when the stabilizer failure / Abnormal power / When the power-off protection is activated due to surge interference

No such function

Regular manual voltage regulation

When the stabilizer control system failure, it can switch to "manual voltage regulation" and use the button to adjust the voltage rise and fall, let the machine continues to work

No such function

Bypass switch

When the stabilizer failure, the supply mains can be switched to use immediately without delaying the production of the machine

Simple type switch, the supply mains cannot be switched to cause the machine to stop working when the stabilizer components are failure and the circuit is interrupted

Automatic reset

When the external power failure and the stabilizer is in a normal condition, it will automatically return to work



invention patent

No. I583105