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Power Diagnostic Monitor - For Equipment & Machinery

Power Diagnostic Monitor - For Equipment & Machinery

※ After-sales service electrician diagnostic equipment & machinery power supply best tool!

 Power supply anomalies will be sent to the mobile phone & WeChat via 3G/4G card.


This monitor is an omnibearing monitor for equipment & machinery and electricity use place with abnormal power quality. It can send the monitored power anomaly instantly to the mobile phone through the network.

The monitor supports the WeChat official public number. After the operator pays attention to the public number, the monitoring operation status can be instantly pushed to WeChat server side.

The operator can check the power abnormal data monitored by the monitor through the WeChat, or you can also request more record data.



Monitoring items:
--> Instantaneous voltage surge
--> Instantaneous voltage dip
--> High-voltage or under-voltage from the electric supply
--> Overcurrent values and instantaneous peak currents can be set
--> Power supply frequency data and load power factor
--> Ability to record the electricity consumption from the equipment for one period
--> All processes monitor the time of power failure and power recovery
--> Provide 10 sets of I/O contacts to support monitoring