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Industry 4.0 Voltage Stabilizer

Industry 4.0 Voltage Stabilizer



1. Through information & communications technology (ICT) to connect and it apply the industry 4.0 artificial intelligence efficiently, and it can through computer or phone to monitor to achieve Internet of Things (IoT) interconnection.


2. The A.V.R. input & output voltage situation can view by RS232/485 and GPS wireless communication network card in the controller screen at anytime. It will appear warning and provide I / O data when failure such as abnormal warning, over high/low voltage and over temperature.


3. It can immediately determine the mechanical or regulator problems when mechanical failure for efficient maintenance. Besides, engineer easy to avoid maintenance work in vain. (Especially abroad)


4. The A.V.R. can be placed inside the machine or hang outside machine to avoid water flooding and save space, reducing wiring problem and better finishing.


5. Innovation design: It can divide into control system and main body of regulation voltage. The control system can be placed Inside the machine controller box that easy to maintenance and extend using life.





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