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Industry-specific AC power voltage regulator

Industry-specific AC power voltage regulator



    Full isolation manual bypass 
    When regulators for maintenance or repairs required under state bypass can be installed manually switch to bypass direct municipal power supply, and there are still short-circuit and overload protection. 
    Output voltage undervoltage, high-voltage detection protection 
    Regulators with a separate internal undervoltage detection output voltage, output voltage, high-voltage circuits, equipment load characteristics can be set upper and lower limits. When the output voltage undervoltage, high pressure, the regulator will be automatically cut off power output load protection, and early warning display. 
    Less output voltage detection of line protection 
    Detect less of a line function, when importing or exporting less of a power line, the system will automatically cut off the power supply output load protection, and early warning display. 
    Main structure with over-temperature detection coil 
    With the temperature structure of the coil, when the coils are produced by the abnormal Overheating or aging, can be rapidly detected to facilitate the rapid drop in maintenance or replacement of the coil, and a warning display. 
    Complete machine modular assembly design 
    Complete machine divided into panels that control circuit, electronic control system and the structure of the coil in four parts, each regulator were modular assembly, any part of the replacement are not doing debugging. 
    Prevent launch high-pressure device 
    When Regulators boot or power outages, reuse, all of this equipment will be launched from the low-voltage, under any circumstances through this equipment will be high-voltage power output variance occurred due to the output voltage to avoid excessive damage to load equipment. 
    Humanized anti-circuit maloperation 
    To prevent the misuse of human negligence and touch switches, the output power activated or improper power, the AID bond model is specifically designed to control, we must also press the button only two power output, or press the button, it closed two output Power. 
    Dual insurance penthouse Control System 
    The regulator and the regulator circuit detection circuit, in addition to the original interlocking device, plus a monitor protection circuit, the output voltage can be fully and to ensure that the protection of the normal functions of action. 
    Automatic load short-circuit protection 
    Load any of the fault, the machine not be affected by the damage can be avoided by the general regulator of the short-circuit caused the fire danger or damage regulator itself. 
    Current imbalances will not have a pressure drop 
    The regulator coil around to the dual-stack design, so when the load current with 50% in a phase imbalance or overload when it is not cause of the line voltage of the pressure drop, so ideal for motor, servo motor and Current launch frequent equipment.
Structural characteristics 
    Ultra-foot capacity, overloading ability 
    The non-contact voltage regulator can be 100% load continuous use, and can withstand inductive load transient. That will not damage the equipment and reduced life. 
    Better efficiency, excellent characteristics 
    The use of high magnetic beam, low iron loss Silicon steel slitting loss to no-load, no-load current to a minimum, all contained in the use of the most efficient, high-performance play a regulator to reduce power losses. 
    Continuous adjustment of voltage 
    Make use of voltage adjustment induction principle, no contact in a linear movements in the load pressure adjustment voltage adjustment will not generate noise coupling and pressure drop, to load input power quality and the same. 
    Sturdiness and durability, and long service life 
    Induction for the main internal voltage regulators, voltage regulators, without any contact components and component wear, and its main structure for the pallet, Shell, coil, formed by Silicon steel slitting, surges, the impact can be nonlinear load bear, strong, durable, as the main feature of life of up to 10 years. 
Broad scope of the AC power input 
    System design can withstand a wide voltage input range, in a poor environment AC input power can still work, all the components have been selected, high voltage transient resistance and the current. 
Easy maintenance and maintenance 
    Internal modular design, all components are standardized criteria, and the main part of the coil structure, as long as it maintains normal external clean, without any maintenance and maintenance. 
    Tolerate harsh environment 
    Using high efficiency and the safety of large parts of the combination of industrial-grade, can tolerate poor temperature, humidity, vibration and pollution filthy environment. 
    Small size, light weight 
    The introduction of the new patent process technology and high-strength structural design of a new patent with precision machining, to make the products of smaller size, less weight, and achieve maximum capacity. 



Technical Specification
Voltage range
Panel instructions
Phase voltage
(Switching button conversion)
Applicable frequency
45~55H z   55~65Hz
Line voltage
(Switching button conversion)
Power Factor
High Voltage
(LED display)
Applied load
Resistor, inductive, capacitive are applicable
(LED display)
Regulators rate
(LED display)
Voltage Regulators
Rated voltage can be set ± 10%
Owed phase
(LED display)
Reaction time
0.042 seconds
Equipment Efficiency
0 ~ 95% non-condensed state
Harmonic distortion
Whole ≤ 65 dB (1 m from the Cabinet Office)
Overload capacity
150% 30 seconds 200% 5 seconds
Cooling Mode
Cooled heat
Control and protection
Deputy main loop interlocked
Insulation voltage
V/60S the conductor coil 2000 (≤ 10 mA)
High Voltage
Insulation Resistance
Coils on the ≥ 5 M Ω
Ground Resistance
Owed phase
Creepage distance
Seismic Coefficient
Coil temperature
F-155 ℃ (H-180 custom ℃)
Packaging of the entire earthquake
Short Circuit
The equipment is all warranty 2002