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AC power voltage regulator(Outdoor using)

AC power voltage regulator(Outdoor using)



Structural characteristics 
   Ultra-foot capacity, overloading ability 
   The non-contact voltage regulator can be 100% load continuous use, and can withstand inductive load transient. That will not damage the equipment and reduced life. 
   Better efficiency, excellent characteristics 
   The use of high magnetic beam, low iron loss Silicon steel slitting loss to no-load, no-load current to a minimum, all contained in the use of the most efficient, high-performance play a regulator to reduce power losses. 
No intermittent voltage adjustment 
   Make use of voltage adjustment induction principle, no contact in a linearmovements in the load pressure adjustment voltage adjustment will not generate noise coupling and pressure drop, to load input power quality and the same. 
Sturdiness and durability, and long service life Induction for the main internal voltage regulators, voltage regulators, without any contact components and component wear, and its main structure for the pallet, Shell, coil, formed by Silicon steel slitting, surges, the impact can be nonlinear load bear, strong, durable, as the main feature of life of up to 10 years. 
   Broad scope of AC power input 
   System design can withstand a wide voltage input range, in a poor environment AC input power can still work, all the components have been selected, high voltage transient resistance and the current. 
   Simple maintenance and maintenance 
   Internal modular design, all components are standardized criteria, and the main part of the coil structure, as long as it maintains normal external clean, without any maintenance and maintenance. 
   Tolerate harsh environment 
   Using high efficiency and the safety of large parts of the combination of industrial-grade, can tolerate poor temperature, humidity, vibration and pollution filthy environment. 
   Small size, light weight 
   The introduction of the new patent process technology and high-strength structural design of a new patent with precision machining, to make the products of smaller size, less weight, and achieve maximum capacity. 

   System features automatic power 
   When the system automatically choose the power function, the power regulator after 5 S automatic voltage regulator output will be delayed. 
   Automatic emergency power system function 
   When the regulator failure or input range can not be beyond the scope of the rated voltage regulator, as long as the output voltage does not exceed the rated voltage of ± 10%, regulators continue to automatically load electricity, when the output voltage exceeds the rated voltage of ± 10% , will automatically cut off power supply load and issued alerts when regulators returned to the rated output voltage of ± 10% voltage within the scope of the time, delay after 5 S automatic restoration of electricity. 
   Overload and short-circuit protection 
   When the load in excess of its own regulator can withstand the capacity (more than the rated capacity), and output short circuit in the state, the regulator automatically cut load. 
Wrong phase sequence protection 
   System phase sequence protection, to allocate code switching function of the choice of whether, when choosing a phase sequence protection, if the phase sequence should disconnect the output error, and issued alerts when the correct phase sequence automatically after the restoration of electricity When the removal of the function, regardless of whether the correct phase sequence can be normal output. 
   Dual insurance penthouse Control System 
   The regulator and the regulator circuit detection circuit, in addition to the original interlocking device, plus a monitor protection circuit, the output voltage can be fully and to ensure that the protection of the normal functions of action. 
System (regulator) and remote telemetry (standard) 
   Remote part of the regulator to provide electrical isolation of the dynamic contact (1 A/60VDC contact rated capacity) to provide telemetry and regulator of the electrical isolation of DC (0-5) V or DC (0 ~ 20) mA / (4 ~ 20) mA signal standards. 
   Emergency manual bypass 
   Regulators are equipped with regulators, shutdown, the bypass switch when the regulator there can not automatically resume the serious faults be rectified, will switch to the power grid position, regulators work to emergency bypass state . 
Output voltage undervoltage, high-voltage protection function testing 
   System with a separate undervoltage detection output voltage, output voltage of the high-voltage circuit, and load characteristics and visual equipment set upper and lower limits, when the output voltage regulator undervoltage, high pressure, the system will issue a warning, and cut off output load electricity, when the output voltage, high-pressure phenomena resume normal range, the system power output. 
Lack of protection 
   Lack of a system of protection circuit, if the lack of case, disconnect the output load and issued alerts when missing after the resumption of the power output automatically. 
   Main structure with over-temperature detection coil 
   With the temperature structure of the coil, when the coils are produced by the abnormal Overheating or aging, can be rapidly detected to facilitate the rapid drop in maintenance or replacement of the coil, and a warning display. 
   Humanized anti-circuit maloperation 
   To prevent the misuse of human negligence and touch switches, the output power activated or improper power, specifically designed to control double bond, we must press the button only two power output, we must press the button, it closed two output power. 
System (regulator) and remote telemetry (Advanced) 
   The system has RS232 or RS485/RS422 communication interface. 
   Telemetry: input voltage, input current, output voltage, output current. 
   Remote: working condition (normal / fault, work / bypass, and phase sequence normal / abnormal), input overvoltage, undervoltage input, input flow, lack of output, coil Overheating. 



Voltage range
~ 15% ± 40% can be customized
Panel displays
Input phase voltage line
Reading three-phase LED Display
Applicable frequency
Output phase voltage line
Reading three-phase LED Display
Applied load
Resistor, inductive, capacitive are applicable
Output phase current line
Reading three-phase LED Display
Regulators rate
± 1% to ± 5% can be set
High Voltage Output
LED Display
Voltage Regulators
Rated voltage input can be ± 10% set
Output undervoltage
LED Display
Reaction time
± 10% voltage change ≤ 1 S
Output overload
LED Display
Equipment Efficiency
Lack of output
LED Display
Overload capacity
100% for 10 minutes of 200% for one minute
Input error phase
LED Display
Control and protection
High Voltage Protection
Alarm output power
Overheating coils
LED Display
Undervoltage protection
Alarm output power
Automatic bypass
LED Display
Lack of protection
Alarm output power
Manual bypass
LED Display
Wrong phase protection
Alarm output power
Operational Mode
LED Display
Coil over-temperature protection
Alarm output power
Application environment
Overload protection
Alarm output power
0 ~ 95% non-condensed state
Short-circuit protection
Alarm output power
Whole ≤ 65 dB (from M Box 1)
Automatic bypass
Cooled heat
Manual bypass
Indoor use (outdoor use can be customized)
Mandatory Surge
Insulation voltage
YD/T1325-2004 standard reference implementation
Automatic / manual operation mode
Insulation Resistance
YD/T1325-2004 standard reference implementation
Ground Resistance
YD/T1325-2004 standard reference implementation
Creepage distance
YD/T1325-2004 standard reference implementation
Coil rating
F (155 ℃)
Sealed wooden box packaging