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Anti-explosion regulated power supply

Anti-explosion regulated power supply



Ex AC automatic voltage regulator is designed for hazardous area voltage instability and local areas design and development, the product is suitable for hazardous areas: the test equipment, lighting systems, communication systems, computing or high, not normal use of electrical equipment designed a very practical proof regulator, air conditioning, medicine, pharmaceutical equipment, electrical. To ensure that electrical equipment is not affected due to voltage instability and danger. 



Top Ten Protection:
    Safe use of this product with the required appliances comprehensive protection, to protect appliances in the harsh conditions the safe operation of electricity: 
1, high-precision stable voltage: 
    Large variation in the power supply voltage level of the region can stabilize the output voltage accuracy of work in a safe range. 
2, over voltage protection: 
    When the power supply voltage exceeds the scope of this product, or because of power supply, power failure caused when the wrong step, could automatically power off, ensure the appliance safety. 
3-phase power protection: 
    When the power is due to take the wrong line or off-phase 380V high pressure caused by the zero line, the function of automatic power protection. 
4, under voltage protection: 
    This machine adopts intelligent structure, when the supply voltage is lower than the voltage range of product caused when the output voltage falls below 180V automatic power-off protection. 
5, fault detection and protection: 
    The machine power switch with air switch, air conditioner or refrigerator if the appliance short circuit when the serious danger, the function of automatic power protection, overcoming a common regulator of serious failure in the appliance is still energized, resulting in failure to expand the possibilities. 
6, over-current protection: 
    Due to improper use (continuous or continuous increase in plug plug appliances to reduce air-conditioning temperature control switch, resulting in air-conditioned stall), overload and other dangerous accidents, resulting in over current protection can automatically power off. 
7, self-protection: 
    When a more dangerous situation endangering the safety of the product, the function of automatic power protection. 
8, instant start low error power protection: 
    Refrigerators, air conditioners or near the start instant starting instant electrical power will be low momentarily, regulator protector of ordinary low or high pressure will be mistaken for the wrong power protection, the machine to overcome this possibility. 
9, the long delay, power protection: 
    Short-term power outages and calls, would jeopardize the safety appliances, the function of automatic power delay more than 3 minutes to ensure the appliance safety. 
10, immediately power supply protection: 
    When the user wants to quickly power, press the machine "immediately power" button for quick supply to avoid electrical hazards calls pressure surge. 
    This is an explosion-type regulator, the main regulator of the explosion and control measures are used, the local anti-waterfall level EXmedIIBT4. 


    Main technical data: 

    Rated capacity 5KW-100KW 
    Rated frequency 50Hz 
    Input voltage 110V-270V 320V-420V 
    Input Voltage 220V/380V ± 1% 
    Extension of time (long) 3 -7 pm 
    Extension of time (short) -7 seconds, 3 seconds 
    Over-voltage protection can be set ≤ 2 4 5V 
    Electrical insulation strength 1500V1min 

Others 1


    1, the installation, set the regulator firmly fixed in the wall, and press stud is installed by the input and output cables. 
    2, the distance between the machine and the top of the wall not less than 25cm,
    3, in order to prevent electric shock, fire, do not install the unit in humid areas, shall be packed in dry and ventilated place for good. 

   Instructions for use: 
    1, in accordance with the wiring diagram connected input and output connections, and installed prior to connecting the input specifications of the fuse holder or the appropriate gate, the input and output connections have to select the appropriate section, the regulator screw terminal box of must be tightened, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal use of the machine, and even burned the machine, be sure to take a good for safety grounding. 

    2, the power button that is through the power switch is pressed, press the button to work the regulator, otherwise the regulator does not press the button does not work. Regulators work, you must first open the regulator and make sure the regulator has to work, then open the electrical equipment used. 
When closed, it should be closed using the button, then close the main power button, the regulator stops working. 

    1, the explosion-proof automatic voltage regulator, non-professionals should not disassemble, repair, to avoid danger. In the case of power prohibited to open the case, adjustable maintenance. To avoid danger. 

    2, the regulator will be issued at work, slightly hot, this is normal, when the internal temperature is too high will automatically cut off power to protect, when the temperature is down, it will automatically return to work. 

    3, when the ultra-low pressure regulator work, due to fluctuations in mains voltage connection inside the relay automatically issued voltage noise is normal.

    4, in use, the regulator found, smell, and smoke is not normal, should be immediately cut off the power, and requests for maintenance professionals 

    5, in the working state of the regulator have a certain temperature is normal, please note installed in: ventilated, dry, no corrosion, vibration-free place 

    6, the prolonged use of the machine when not in use as far as possible, to disconnect or turn off the power. Avoid insulation aging, consumption of power.

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