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Manual Voltage Regulator(Single, Three Phase)

Manual Voltage Regulator(Single, Three Phase)



  • Simple in design, small in structure, adjusts AC voltage to the minute degree continuously throughout the range. Efficient heat dissipation is a special feature.
  • The carbon brush contact does not wear in the frequent voltage adjustments. Since the contact is contiguous, it creates no spark, thus induces no resistance particles to current.
  • The axis handle is made of best synthetic resin to ensure positive insulation against leakage.
  • Best parts and material are used after years' research and experimentation from every aspects. The coils have withstood specifications, and will never burn out.
  • The specially treated magnetic core, being light and small, is very efficient in performance.
  • Waveform distortion is lower than other transformer, it is able to reach the output voltage in almost not distortion.
  • When using Auto Type Transformer for special purposes, please consult us beforehand.